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Locorotondo e valle d’Itria


Locorotondo and valle d’Itria

Locorotondo is the commune of Itria Valley that has remained strictly linked to the traditions, carefully preserving the authenticity of native arts and crafts including the shaping of stone used for building the ‘Trulli’ dwellings. The name suggests the circular shape of the historic centre, clearly visible coming from the direction of Martina Franca.

The town’s pride is a beautiful historic centre and “promenade” a long street with a splendid view of Itria Valley. Locorotondo is characterized by its historical centre with a circular plan and the “cummerse” buildings, typical houses with a pitched roof.

Walking through the narrow streets it is easy to be enchanted by its fairy tale and out-of-time atmosphere. Note the “promenade”, an extraordinary panoramic terrace overlooking the entire Itria Valley.

This beautiful town has been home for several years, to some of the most famous national festivals, characterized by varied musical treats. As you stroll along the “promenade,” you will find convivial spots to enjoy a cocktail or a glass of wine with friends.

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