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Grotte di Castellana


Castellana Grotte

Castellana Grotte is known above all for the system of the spectacular Castellana Caves.

Located at the gates of the Itria Valley, a few kilometers from enchanting towns such as Alberobello, Cisternino, and Polignano a Mare, Castellana Caves open on the south-eastern limestone plateau “Murge”.

The beauty of the Castellana Caves attracts tourists from all over the world and more than 15 million visitors have strolled along the underground paths.

Qualifying as an unmissable opportunity to admire one of the most amazing natural heritages of a wonderful Puglia.

The Castellana Caves include five caverns; Grotta Bianca (White Cave), Grotta Nera (Black Cave), the Caverna dell’Altare (Cavern of the Altar), the Caverna della Cupola (Cavern of the Cupola), and Salone delle Statue (Hall of Statues) connected by galleries and corridors, natural and artificial, in a three kilometers long path.

The stalagmite and stalactite formations inside, form fascinating lunar scenarios with a thousand reflections, offering the visitor a surreal and fairy tale landscape.

The White Cave is defined by its richness and whiteness as the most ” shining cave in the world ”.

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