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The “white city” of Puglia is laid out on three hills, about 218 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by endless olive groves, vineyards, and numerous fortified Masserias of ancient manufacture.

It is so named because of its characteristic historic centre, painted entirely with white lime: it is an essential location to visit when you are in Puglia. Overlooking the countryside and the vast landscape of the olive tree groves, walking through all the narrow streets of the historic centre offers a very pleasant experience.

The main monuments to visit are the Cathedral and the Episcopal Palace. Another place worth visiting is the Museum of Preclassic Civilizations of the Southern Murgia, located right in the historic centre, which presents the cast from the Palaeolithic tomb: known by most people as the ‘Woman of Ostuni’, who lived about 26,000 years before Chris. A young woman about twenty years old carrying the fetus of a small unborn child.

Ostuni is also known for its nearby seaside location, its 20 km long coastline is characterized by a series of long beaches, unspoiled vegetation, and small inlets: a paradise location to experience day and night.

The coastline of Ostuni is among the most appreciated and visited. Perfect location, where you can enjoy a crystal clear sea and walk in the Regional Natural Park of the Coastal Dunes, characterized by the presence of thick Mediterranean scrub. Particular attention should be paid to Torre Pozzella beach, which enchants its visitors with a wild and untouched coastline as well as Costa Merlata beach with its unique and picturesque coves.

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